Comparing hitcher and education for leisure

The cat knows I am a genius, and has hidden itself. It would be especially scary if the reader were Comparing hitcher and education for leisure alone at Sorry, but full essay samples are available only for registered users Choose a Membership Plan night.

Do you assume, as you read the poem, that the speaker is male or female.

‘Education for Leisure’ by Carol Ann Duffy

Even his cat avoids him as the cat can even sense something sinister about the speaker. In playing God, the boy is actually given some of God's words from Genesis to speak: The poem does not defend this sort of person's actions but does raise questions about the potential effects of unemployment and alienation born of an inappropriate school curriculum for those who would do better learning more practical subjects.

What we do know is that he or she has a powerful sense of his own importance, and a greater sense of grievance that no one else notices him.

The speaker in the poem is boiling up inside then getting the knife and touching your arm, which involves the reader. The language is very tender: It is an ordinary day, a sort of grey with boredom stirring in the streets.

In the film, this is a threat, and it works - the horse owner does what he had hitherto refused to do. Why are these words written in this way.

Peoms Essay- Comparing Stealing, Education for Leisure and Hitcher

He is good on what he is doing which is killing. But what do we make of it. However it is quite possible to argue that Duffy is merely making explicit that which was implicit in the dramatic monologue anyway: What picture does this poem give of the relationship between mother and daughter.

Motherhood was seen as a serious duty, especially among Roman Catholics. It scares you as you could turn around and there could be the killer. Duffy captures the 'voice' of the boy in his characteristic vocabulary. Back to top The poem is in five stanzas, each of four lines quatrains. Education for Leisure by Michael Woods A disaffected, unemployed boy searching for ways of filling a day of extreme boredom decides to kill something.

Do parents still make such sacrifices, or have we become more selfish in our attitudes and behaviour?.

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compare two poems and how they approach a theme, instead of just writing about each poem separately. We always want to be looking at what poets have in common as well as how they are different. We always want to be looking at what poets have in common as well as how they are different.

Hitcher, Education For Leisure, My Last Duchess, and The Lab - Hitcher, Education For Leisure, My Last Duchess, and The Lab "Hitcher" By Simon Armitage, "Education For Leisure" By Carol Anne Duffy, "My Last Duchess" and "The Lab" by Robert Browning are all poems that deal with violence or the prospect of violence.

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The poems being used are Education For Leisure, Hitcher and Stealing and the assessment is about comparing disturbed characters. Lots if language analysis of Shakespeare and teaching pupils how to link themes and ideas. Like STEALING, EDUCATION FOR LEISURE does not use a formal rhyme scheme or strict metre.

The form of the poem has been largely dictated by the voice speaking in the poem.

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Like STEALING again, I have used the simple form of 5 free verses, each with 4 lines, to. Education for leisure uses a dramatic monologue to explore the thoughts and mental state of someone who commits murder.

Education For Leisure

From the poem it is evident that this person has been ignored a lot. The poem was written in the 80s, when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister.

Comparing hitcher and education for leisure
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